SpamTitan Spam Filtering Service

What is SpamTitan?

SpamTitan is an email security service that blocks spam, viruses, and malware-infected emails from making it into your inbox by putting suspicious emails into quarantine. With SpamTitan, you will receive a daily Quarantine Report where you can review quarantined messages and manage your settings.

How to Navigate your Quarantine Report


Message Options

Deliver - Delivers the message to your Inbox.

Whitelist - Delivers the message to your Inbox and makes sure that future messages from this sender do not go into Quarantine.

Delete - Any message that stays in Quarantine for 21 days is automatically deleted, but you can choose this option to immediately delete a message.

Additional Options

At the bottom of each quarantine report you'll be able to adjust several options, such as how frequently you receive these reports.

Why Haven't I Received a Quarantine Report?

You will only receive Quarantine Reports when you have messages in quarantine; so if your quarantine is empty you will not receive a report.

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