Bitlocker Encryption

What is Bitlocker Encryption?

Bitlocker is a security feature that is included with the latest versions of Windows. Bitlocker uses encryption to protect your computer data from unauthorized access in the case that your computer is lost, stolen, or recycled without being properly wiped.

Recovery Keys

When Bitlocker is enabled on your computer you will be given a Recovery Key. You will need this Recovery Key to access your computer data, so it is extremely important to keep this key somewhere safe and accessible. We recommend storing it on your cell phone, either by taking a picture of the recovery key code on your computer screen, or by saving it as a contact. Alternately, you could save it to your OneDrive or Google Drive.

When will Bitlocker Ask for my Recovery Key?

Occasionally when you start up your computer you will be prompted to enter your Bitlocker Recovery Key. It is normal for this to happen on about a monthly basis, usually after updates have run on your computer. If your computer asks for your Recovery Key every day, please contact the Helpdesk.

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