Multi-Party or MeetMe Conferencing

MeetMe Conferencing is available for all IT Freedom voice customers. Unlike Three-Party Conferencing, MeetMe Conferencing has no limit on the number of people who can participate in the conference. 

MeetMe Conferencing Basics

  • In a multi-user conference there are two types of users: Admins, who are the moderators, and regular Users.
  • There can be as many Admins and Users as you like, as long as there’s at least one Admin.
  • The Admin group and the User group have different PIN numbers, but both use the same conference number. 

How Do I Kick Off A MeetMe Conference?

  1. If you don't already know your conference room number(s), Admin PIN, and User PIN, contact IT Freedom. 
  2. Schedule a time for the conference, and inform the participants of the room number and the User PIN.
  3. Dial either 512-579-3999 (Austin, TX) or 877-567-6338 (Toll-free), and follow the self-explanatory prompts.
    • Keep in mind that a User may call a conference room at anytime but will be placed on hold until an Admin joins.
    • The first caller is always placed on hold, as a conference never kicks off until at least two parties join.
  4. Simply hang up to leave the conference.
    • If the last Admin leaves the conference while there are still participants in the room, those Users will be placed on hold until another Admin joins.
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