Using Buddy Lists

Buddy Lists give you the ability to see when certain coworkers in the office are on the phone. When you add a colleague as a “Buddy”, your phone will display when she/he is on a call. This function is particularly handy for assistants, receptionists, or anyone who tends to transfer calls frequently. This article covers:

How do I add a buddy?

  1. Press the Directories button (if your phone has one) or press Home and select Directories.
  2. Select Contact Directory.
  3. Press Add.
  4. Enter your buddy's "First name" (and "Last name", if you wish). To move up and down in the menu, use the arrow keys.
  5. For "Contact", enter the extension (for example, 7004)
  6. Scroll down to Watch Buddy and select Enabled.
  7. Select Save, then Exit back to your home screen, where your buddy will now be displayed.

How can I tell when my "buddies" are on their phones?

A green circle next to your buddy's name indicates that their line is free. The circle will turn red when your buddy is on a call.

How many buddies can I display on my home screen?

The number of buddies on your home screen depends on how many extensions are configured on your phone, as well as how many blank slots are left on the home screen.

How do I Remove a buddy?

  1. Navigate to Directories then select Contact Directory.
  2. Choose the contact you'd like to remove and select Edit.
  3. Scroll down to Favorite Index and either select << or 0.
  4. Scroll down to Watch Buddy and select Disable.
  5. Click Save and this buddy should no longer display on your home screen.


If you need assistance with creating buddies or managing your buddy list, please get in touch with the Helpdesk!

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