Getting to Know Your Phone

How do I set up my Polycom phone?

How many phone lines does my phone have?

  1. Look in the upper left-hand corner of your phone's display, and you'll see a telephone icon next to your extension.
  2. That same telephone icon will be next to each additional line you have. An icon of a person or a check mark indicates a "Buddy Watch". 

How do I place a call?

You can place calls with the receiver either on- or off-hook. On-hook calls (handset is in the "cradle") use the speakerphone. You must press Dial or Send after entering the number in order to start the call.

  • Internal calls: Dial the extension, usually the last 4 digits of the recipient's number (example: 512-555-0070, means you would dial 0070).
  • Local Calls: Dial the ten-digit number. There's no need to dial "9" or any other prefix to 'dial out' and no need to dial "1" first.
  • Long-distance Calls: Dial the ten-digit number; there's no need to dial "1" first.
  • International: Dial as you would from a regular phone. Usually, you dial 011 (the code that indicates you're making an international call), followed by the country-code and the number (e.g. 011444938285).

How do I answer a call?

  • Pick up your handset, or
  • Press the Answer key to use the speakerphone.
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