Three Party Conferencing

Three Party Conferencing is available to all IT Freedom voice customers. This feature provides a simple way for you to talk with two people at the same time.

How Do I Use Three Party Conferencing?

  1. Call the first party from your phone, or have them call your phone.
  2. Once they answer, press the Conference button (if your phone has one) or by selecting More, then Confrnc.
  3. Dial the second number to conference in, and press Send. The first party will be put on hold.
  4. When the second party answers, press the Conference button (or select More, then Confrnc.)
  5. The first party will be taken off hold, and the three parties will be connected.

Common Questions

How do I exit a conference call I started without disconnecting the other two parties?

You can simply hang up; the other parties will not be disconnected.

Can I transfer a Three Party Conference call to another phone?

Absolutely; this allows you to switch the phone you are using for the conference, or leave the conference and have someone else join in your place on their phone. To transfer the call:

  1. Split the conference call by pressing Split.
  2. Transfer the first call to the new extension.
  3. After the first call has been answered on the new extension, transfer the second call to the same extension you transferred the first call to.
  4. At the new extension, place the first call on hold and answer the second call.
  5. Press More, then press Join.
  6. Your calls should now be connected together.
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