Is someone else accessing my Gmail Account?

You can monitor recent activity in your Gmail account through a feature called Last account activity. This activity includes any time your Gmail was accessed with:

    • web browsers
    • mobile devices
    • POP or IMAP clients
    • third-party apps

How do I see my recent activity?

You can see your account's recent activity by clicking the Details link at the bottom of any Gmail web page.

Account Activity Information included in "Details"

After clicking "Details", you'll see the following information about your recent activity. It's broken into three columns:

    • Access Type - information about how your email was accessed, such as with a web browser or mobile device
    • Location - the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to access your Gmail, and the location associated with that IP address
    • Date/Time your Gmail was accessed from that IP address

How to Use Account Activity Information

Access Type

If you only use a browser to access your Gmail and this column shows POP access, there's a chance your account has been accessed by an unauthorized user.

If the type of access is Browser, you can click Show details to see additional information, such as the type of operating system (Mac or Windows) that the browser was running.

Location (IP address)

Keep in mind that the listed locations may not always be accurate, particularly when you're accessing Gmail from a mobile network.

If you only access your Gmail from a couple of computers, there shouldn't be much variation in the IP addresses displayed. You'll see your current IP address at the bottom of the page. If you are concerned about a listed IP address, you can find the associated Internet Service Provider (ISP) at

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