Creating and Scheduling a Custom Scan - Sophos for Mac OS

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The Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac software scans files as they are accessed (copied, moved, or opened) and only permits access if the file does not pose a threat. While we don't recommend making changes to on-access scan settings, the settings may need to be altered if your work is particularly processor or RAM-intensive.

There are no scheduled scans in our default install of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac. To configure a scheduled scan, please follow these steps:

1. Choose Window > Scans to open the Scans window.

2. Click the + under the Custom Scans list. A new window will open.

3. In the new window, type a name in the field next to Scan Name. Make sure the Scan Items tab is selected and click +. A new window will open.

4. In the new window, select the folders or files you would like included in the scan and click Open. If you need to select several files in different locations you can click + again in the Scan Items tab to include them.

5. Once you've selected all the folders and files you'd like scanned, select the Schedule tab. Click the checkbox next to Enable schedule and select the days you'd like the scan to run. Next, click the + under Times and choose a time you'd like the scan to run on the selected days. Once you're finished, click Done.

That's it! Your scan should run as scheduled. If you'd like to run the scan immediately, click Scan Now in the Scans window under Custom Scans.

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