Support Ticket Lifecycle

All tickets follow the same general process from opening to resolution:

  1. Opening the Ticket
  2. Research and Troubleshooting
  3. Escalation
  4. Resolution


Opening the Ticket

When you open a ticket it receives a tracking number. After that we either:

    • Solve the issue while we're on the phone with you (as in about 2 out of every 3 calls).
    • For issues we can't fix on the first call, or when you open a ticket via web form or email, we’ll send you an email with ticket details. You can update the ticket by calling the Helpdesk and referring to that ticket number, or by replying to the email.

Research and Troubleshooting

Our typical response time is 4 business hours. If you need a faster response, call us any time at (512) 419-0070. We're usually able to resolve tickets with the information you provide. However, your technician may need to:

  • Schedule a time to connect to your computer remotely or examine it on-site
  • Ask you to replicate the issue or clarify details
  • Request more information like screenshots or program logs


When the issue you're experiencing is particularly difficult, we may escalate the ticket to another member of our support team.


Most tickets are solved in about 10 business hours (or 1 business day)! The ticket is resolved when our support team has:

  • Fixed the problem,
  • Answered your question, or
  • Provided a workaround (typically when the systems in question are out of our control)

If you find that the ticket is not resolved to your satisfaction, please reply to the last update you received and the ticket will be re-opened.


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