How can I record my calls?

Be aware that state and federal laws regulate telephone call recording. Please learn the applicability of these laws in your jurisdiction before utilizing this feature. 

You have the option to record calls from the outset or while they're in progress. After you hang up, the recorded call will be sent to the associated email address.

To start recording before you place a call:

  1. Dial *732 and press Send (or, depending on the phone model, the green button) to begin recording.
  2. Press the Conference button.
  3. Dial the phone number you're calling and press Send.
  4. Once the call is answered, press the Conference button again.
  5. Press the # key to end recording.

To start recording when a call is already in progress:

  1. Press the Conference button to place the current call on hold.
  2. Dial *732 and press Send (or the green button) to begin recording.
  3. Once you hear the confirmation message, press Conference to return to the call on hold.
  4. Press the # key to end recording.

These steps may not work if your organization has asked us to disable this feature. If you need help, please contact the HelpDesk.

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