Common Issues with Logitech Headsets

When experiencing sound quality issues with your Logitech Headset, try the following steps:

1. Adjust the headset volume. Check that the headset is not on mute.

2. If your headset is connected through a USB Connector, unplug the USB Connector and plug it into a different USB port. Be sure to plug the USB Connector into a port on your laptop or desktop instead of your dock or keyboard.

3. Click Start in the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop. Select control panel, click hardware and sound, and click sound. You’ll see the following menu:

4. In the Playback tab (pictured above), look at your listed devices. Make sure the green check mark is next to the device you want to use.

5. In the Recording tab (pictured above), make sure that you can see activity in the gray bars on the right when you speak into your headset.

If you’re still experiencing problems please contact the Helpdesk; we'll be happy to help you!

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