How to Install Intune (Android)

  1. Apply any available software updates to the phone.
  2. Open Settings, tap Screen Lock and then tap Require PIN to Start Device
  3. Install the Intune Company Portal app from the Play Store.
  4. Open the app and log in using your Azure Active Directory credentials.
  5. Now, sign into the Company Portal App using the same Azure Active Directory credentials.
  6. On the "Company Access Setup" screen tap Begin.
  7. Select the "Continue" and "Enroll" messages in the lower right corner until the setup is complete.
    • During or after setup, you may be required to set a new passcode or similar if your device has a setting that does not meet requirements.
  8. You should see a screen that says "Company Access Setup complete", tap done.

For more detailed instructions with screenshots, please see this article from Microsoft.

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